[Enhancement] Desktop Rez Option Per

I find that some hard performance emulators can benefit from the resolution being lowered in order for shader enhancement quality + fps. However, if your desktop is in a higher rez and you choose in retroarch under video to put desktop to a lower rez, it never sticks on window resize.

So I would like to ask can we have a desktop rez option that can be remembered on window resize that changes the desktop rez to a custom rez when a core/specific game is loaded and reverts back to the original rez when retroarch is closed?

you can already set the res in fullscreen using video_fullscreen_x/y settings, but it doesn’t change them back on exit, which would certainly be a nice improvement.

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I found that window fullscreen mode off keeps the resolution that you put and doesn’t reset it back to desktop rez while still keeping borderless fullscreen. But still would like this type of feature per game or per core for games that arent intensive as well.