Equivalent for -c that just loads a shader


I’m trying to setup a system were I have different shader per-platform within the same core. For this, say, if I load GBC (Gambatte), I run RetroArch with -c "config\gbc.cfg", while if I load GB (also Gambatte), I use -c "config\gb.cfg". Each config are the same between them, and the same as all others, EXCEPT they have each a different shader (green color for GB, nothing for GBC). The problem is that doing this seems very hard to maintain, for if I happen to want to change one overall setting, I’ll have to look up what entry it has on the main retroarch.cfg file, and copy the line(s) to gbc.cfg, gb.cfg (and all others).

So is there a way I can have a gbc.cfg that is just one line (for the different shader), and for the rest use (and save to) the default retroarch.cfg? If not, any easier way to maintain track of my settings over a dozen of .cfg files?


You can use appendconfig:

–appendconfig PATH

Appends a different set of config files to the config file loaded in -c (or default). Multiple config files are delimited by ‘,’. Every config file will be appended in order where the key-value pairs of the next config file takes priority over the old ones.

However, for what you are doing a better solution could be using content directory overrides.



Aaaaaaaa that’s fantastic, thanks !

edit: daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, it doesn’t support subdirectory search? I’ve got all my games standarized with roms inside subfolders. So it’s Game Boy > Super Mario Land > Super Mario Land.zip. I tried creating files for “Game Boy” and “Game Boy Color” but it doesn’t work.

edit:: what’s the proper syntax for appendconfig? Normally I use "C:\Program Files\RetroArch\retroarch.exe" -c "config\d.cfg", but what I’ve tried so far for appendconfig doesn’t open retroarch.

  1. This should work:

Game Boy > Super Mario Land.zip

  1. It’s basically the same as for -c or --config. You might be missing the double dash:

--appendconfig=FILE or --appendconfig FILE