Exception ISI occurred with most Neo Geo and CPS-2 roms -Wii

Hey everybody. I am having one hell of a time getting retroarch (fba) to work on my wii playing Neo Ge or CPS -2. I have v1.0.0.2 running on my wii with Neo Geo and CPS-2 roms (fba roms). Now some games do work, the smaller Neo Geo and CPS-1, but the majority come up with “exception ISI” and dump code then reboots back to my wii home screen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All CPS1 and CPS2 roms and most Neo Geo roms work. Ensure that you have the neogeo.zip in the same folder as your roms and that you only use parent roms for the correct version of FBA. Check the version number at the bottom of the screen in the menu when you select the core and google the correct roms.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll try it out today. My Neo Geo roms are v0.2.97.29 and I’ve been running Core v0.2.97.30. I hope that this is the problem!

Yep, that’ll be it. I will PM you a link where you can get working roms.

Yup, my roms had to match the core version. AOF3 works like a charm. Thanks again for all the help!

No problem. supports the Unibios too for Neo Geo. You can toggle it on or off in the core options.

i have the same issue you mind PMing me the link too :smiley:?