EXEcutable files crash in Dosbox, (picture included)

Hi, I’m trying to run Warcraft 2 in dosbox and it crashes the app when I open it. Here are my core settings. Can anyone tell me what I should have these set to for Warcraft 2? I am running retroarch on an ipad 4 ios 6.1.3, thank you.

Hey there I’m also struggling to make War2 work on my iPad. I was able to actually install war2, test sound on setup and it all works fine, but then the sound does NOT work in game… AND i can’t make my mouse work either.

But i can help you to make at least be able to open the game like me. Settings should be:

Gamepad emulated mouse - disable (if enabled it will crash upon starting a campaign) CPU Cycle multiplier - 10000 CPU Cycles - 2

all else looks good. Please let me know if you can make the sound work this way.

I have been having similar problems on my iPhone 6+ (IOS 12.4.8). When I try to run anything with the DOSbox core or start it without content, the app just crashes. I can’t even access the core options because for this core it says “no core options available”. Can someone please help?