Exodus' CRT TV's Overlays Collection (With Day and Night support)


1680x1050 resolution.



You can check OP, but the download link for 1680x1050 is [this one] (http://www.mediafire.com/file/v8y2mdrsiarll3u/OLD_CRT_1680X1050.rar) :slight_smile:


I edited the first post with the designs and among them you will find the Classic 80’s CRT :wink:

All the overlays are created for 1080p since that’s the max. resolution my monitor and Tv have, but I think they can be used for bigger resolutions anyway, enjoy!


Nice Exodus thanks, check pm i have question for you.


Just extract its content (should be an image and its config file named the same) anywhere you want.

Then in Retroarch, once you loaded the game you want to have that overlay shown, go to the Retroarch quick menu with F1, then press the back button to get to the main menu, scroll to the left to the Settings and surf down until you reach the Onscreen Overlay option. There you look for the cfg file in the folder you extracted.

Remember to set the opacity to 1.0 and if the game screen goes besides the overlay, to go in the Video section and play either with the position and size of the screen, or with the integer sacale.

Happy tweaking!


Alright, thanks for the info! I’ve applied the Trinitron filter and am currently trying to scale down the video size to fit.


Quick question though: what video settings would you best recommend for these overlays?


If you take a look at exodus first post, the coordinates as well as the recommended shaders are there for each overlay. In the end it is all a matter of personal taste. I had a phase of pumping up HD super colorful graphics, a phase of curved CRT, and now I am currently in the flat CRT stage.


I had the HD super colorful graphics phase, I jumped the curved CRT (although I tried just to see if I got used to it) and I’m in the same flat CRT stage as you.


Yeah, in the end it will depend on your personal experience as you got older. In my case was something like this:

From 10 to 13 years old: Sony trinitron 13’ similar to 80’s style TV up there (Atari 2600 and NES) From 14 to 20 years old: Classic CRT 21’ (curved) (GENESIS, SEGA CD and some SNES) From 21 to 24 years old: Sony Wega 21’ (SNES and PSX) From 25 to 26 years old: Flat Samsung 29’ (PSX, PS2 and DC) 27 'till now: LCD’s and LED’s 16:9

So I’m tweaking every system in Retroarch to their correspondent TV (overlay + shader) according to my experience :slight_smile:


Omg this is great!

We need more 80-70 Tv’s :smiley:


Exodus, here is my second version of tv overlay for 16:10, much better than first version



@exodus123456 You cool with me adding these to the GitHub border repo? (When I get a chance)


That would be nice, please add them when you have the time :smiley:


I’ve load up cfg, and it does not shown at all. I’ve also try some borders, that has been downloaded with “Online updater”, and they works. What i’m doing wrong?

I’m running GPD XD android handheld with 720p screen


will do, I am trying to figure out how the all the resolutions work and the size of the game viewport in different overlays.

I’m adding the Nosh ones before yours, Nynn77 and Aorins but I dwant to put some more info with them.

I just dont get whole size relationships. Basically what can and cant be used on different screen sizes. 1440, 1650,1080,720…


Never mind. Now it works, the problem was because i put overlays in /data/data/com.retroarch/overlays/borders/ when i’ve point RA to another directory on sd card it works like a charm :slight_smile:



Great! @Thatman84 now we know this same overlays can be used for almost any 16:9 setup, since @moff use then in a 720p setup and @Tromzy used them in a 2560x1440 monitor.

It’s just a matter of editing the video preferences for position and size inside RA menu.


I will experiment with scale and video preferences and post here the results. Great overlays! :slight_smile:



When scaling, remember to leave some of the screen past the borders in order allow the overlay’s border shadow to look natural, please check the images in the first post.

Thank you :slight_smile: