Would it please be possible to give the ability to be able to input all known extensions into the framework or to manually input then into the pre set extensions for arch, for auto scan to pick up?> I am asking because well i can get all my roms in manual scan, like lets take MAME for example, yes is does pull out the roms, it also pulls out 100s of junk files which makes you spend maybe 10 mins looking for just the game. i have no idea what the MAME extensions are to weed them out the files are so confusing, as with other systems it pulls out music info images etc. Can you please maybe input all extensions in code or have us type the one we know externally so auto scan works better, because if I manually scan, the games, the thumbnails wont download, ill ass. a wrong core, theirs dups. along with all the spare junk. drag and drop would be nice to just to copy roms(the ones i do know are roms unlike mame) to the playlist file locations.

Thank You, God Bless, and Stay Safe :slight_smile: