"failed to create a secod instance" error message with run ahead


I get this error message when i start any core/game. It’s not that second instance runs poorly. Rather the problem is it won’t run at all. Run ahead works smoothly without second instance even when using 3 frames.

My device is a gpd xd plus using android 7.1. These are the devices specs Processor:Mediatek MT8176. Upto 2.1Ghz Operating System:Android 7.0 Nougat GPU:PowerVR GX6250. 600Mhz RAM:4GB (LPDDR3) Internal Memory 32GB

Ive tried multiple cores for multiple systems i. E. snes, nes, tg16, nes, genenis. All have same error message.


Update to a recent nightly


How do you update to a nightly with Android? I searched the forums here and got the advice to just update from the play store. I tried this but i think that only updates to newest version. Not the nightlies. I couldn’t update because i already have newest version of retroarch. Thanks


You have to download them from buildbot.libretro.com and then sideload them.


The Death Star is fully operational. You guys rock. Problem solved. Time for some FBAlpha!