Failed to open liberetro core help! (Dolphin)

So for days I have been trying to download the dolphin core from retroarch and each time getting that message. Finally 2 days ago I opened retroarch and downloaded the dolphin core again and it opened and worked perfect. But my hard drive went out and I lost the core do now the same problem keep getting that message. Is the core sometimes broken when downloaded? Also is there a way to manually download the dolphin core without retroarch?

I’m not aware of anything that would make it change from day to day. The core hasn’t gotten any notable commits for a while… Nevertheless, you can download cores from and manually place them in your cores directory.

If the issue continues, post a verbose log of you trying to load the core and I can take a look.

I have tried downloading just the cores from there but the folders are empty. The nightly build because the stable build makes you use the core download feature in retroarch.



It is still saying that so how do i get the verbose log? Also is there suppose to be something in the system folder in retroarch?

There is something that goes in your system folder, but it’s not absolutely necessary and shouldn’t be causing the core to not even load.

Ok here is the verbose log file

Hmm, your xinput2 audio driver is failing to load, as well. Do you have directx installed? Are you using Win10?

Yes I am using windows 10 but I also have a windows 7 pc with direct x installed and the same issue. Here’s a new log after reinstalling direct x

[ERROR] Failed to open libretro core: “C:\RetroArch\cores\dolphin_libretro.dll” [ERROR] Error(s): The specified module could not be found.

It looks like xaudio2 is not installed and/or there are other windows dependencies missing

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Ok I got it working. I installed vcredist_x64 (2005), vcredist_x64 (2008), vcredist_x64 (2010), vcredist_x64 (2012), vcredist_x64 (2013), and vcredist_x64 (2015) so I don’t witch one it was but now it loads and works. Thanks so much for all of your help!

Having a similar issue. Getting the same error “failed to open libretro core”. Tried fixes from OP but no go. Here is the log file:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Used to working in Linux so a little out of my element.