Failed to Open Libretro Core Error

So recently I have tried to turn my older xbox one s into a retroarch emulation machine, but unfortunately I have gotten every single thing to work correctly except for the emulation—whenever I try to start a game I get the error “Failed to Open Libretro Core.” I have tried everything under the sun to get this to work, and have even compiled a log that possibly pinpoints it down to a “Parameter is Incorrect” error while trying to load the core files. Unfortunately I have no idea what to do to even fix this issue at all.

Pastebin of the system log when trying to load a NES game

No one replied or answered this man’s problem. I have the same issue. I was on reddit days ago.

I just want to play Atari Basketball in 4K 60fps

Can you post a log of it trying and failing to load? To generate a log, go to settings > logging and change both logging verbosities to debug-0, then set ‘log to file’ to ON. Do whatever you need to do to reproduce the offending behavior, then look in your ‘logs’ directory and you should find a text file that contains the log.

Copy/paste its contents somewhere like and then post a link here and I can take a look.

Accidently Deleted on last exit so had to reinstall but I get the same result.

hastebin - ofocuseden (

Parameter is incorrect is as good as it gets

Everything I can find about “parameter is incorrect” errors in Windows/Xbox suggests problems with the filesystem and/or system files (i.e., outside of RetroArch).

Well, I hope someone figures this out someday. The only things I can think of are the issue is because the drives are not set up correctly? (The guides I followed used drive S: or something and I use D:) Or Maybe I just didn’t install anything correctly. I used a network drive to transfer files instead of the Xbox Portal. That may also be an issue.

The only real way to find out would be if there were other apps that I could try to launch for Dev Mode and see if those don’t work either.

I’m just grasping at straws for something that I don’t know how it works. I just wanted a sick emulator because gpus are expensive. :sob: