Fast Forward doesn't work on M1 Macbook Air

When I press the space key or hold e the fast forward icon shows up but the game doesn’t run any faster. I tried switching the video driver from metal to gl and glcore, turning off vsync from retroarch options, and tried turning on threaded video though it wouldn’t let me from the GUI and it wouldn’t start if I enabled it from the config file. I tried using all of the GBA cores, no others.

I think this is normal for the Metal video driver, but I think it’s supposed to work with GL.

Did you close RetroArch completely and then reopen it between driver changes?

Yes I did, although I just put gl/glcore in the config file, metal was the only option from the GUI, so maybe the gl/glcore drivers are missing?

Yeah, I think the GL build is actually separate for macOS.

Fastforward was working with metal on ipads i believe right