"Faster than Speed" (Atomiswave) no input registered


“Faster than Speed” (Atomiswave) doesn’t recognize any joystick/keyboard input (other Atomisware games work fine) with latest Reicast. It is listed as compatible.


Are you using a mame rom or the old lst/bin/dat format ?


Delete nvmem/eeprom files for this game in save\reicast if you have them and try again.


I use the .bin format and removing the nvram files didn’t help.


Don’t, there is absolutely no reason to prefer it over mame format : it’s full of bugs and imho its support should simply be removed from reicast now that there is mame rom support.


Extracted the MAME version but i get “Game not supported” when booting the .bin from Retroarch using latest Reicast core. Other non-mame .bin Atomiswave .bin games work fine.

My files for “Faster than Speed” are identical to those listed here:

Am i missing something?


What do you mean ? “MAME” and “extracted” are 2 words that scares me when put together. Also, depending on the game, some of the bios files listed in https://github.com/libretro/libretro-super/blob/master/dist/info/reicast_libretro.info might be required in your reicast bios folder. In this specific case you need awbios.zip.

For any further issue, you’ll have to post logs.


I figured out the problem and i’ll post it here in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

I use Launchbox as my frontend and it was unzipping the roms before loading them in Retroarch. This didn’t cause any problems with other cores but with Atomiswave mame roms, it seems that Retroarch can’t find the correct rom to boot if Launchbox extracts them first.

As soon as i disabled “Extract rom archives before running” from Launchbox, the game worked fine.