FB Alpha bugs with Unibios



I’m having problems while using FB Alpha and some Neo-Geo games. Latest RetroArch, latest revision of the core, latest romset, latest neogeo bios.

In MVS mode, no problem. In AES mode, no problem. In Unibios mode, some games have problems:

  • AeroFighters 3 has no music and no sound.
  • Metal Slug 3 and 4, I can move the character but none of the buttons work anymore

Back to MVS, all these problems dissapear. I did not test all NG games but I suppose these are not the only ones with problem.


@Jaylinx Hi and thanks for the report, sonicwi3 sound fixed, controller issues with unibios in aes mode isn’t an emulation bug, see https://github.com/libretro/fbalpha/issues/172 (starting from the message mentioning this topic) for more details and a possible workaround.

Also saying this : as long as you read the rules mentioned at https://github.com/libretro/fbalpha, github is the right place for reporting issues with fbalpha, i can’t guarantee i’ll see every issues mentioned on the forum (there are a lot i heard about weeks or months later).