FBNeo Controls Missing

I’m currently running Lakka 3.3 / RetroArch 1.9.7 with the FBNeo v1.0.0.03 core.

Several control mapping options such as accelerate, brake, and gear shift are missing for the following racing games: Final Lap (finallap.zip) Final Lap 2 (finalap2.zip) Final Lap 3 (finalap3.zip)

Additionally, G-LOC Airbattle (glock.zip) is missing a throttle+ control. Strike Fighter (strkfgtr.zip) has a throttle+ mapping, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

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Thanks for the report, the fix is on github. A bit of warning though : those games are super disappointing.

Thanks for the report, actually it was doing something, the axis was reverted meaning you stopped accelerating when pressing the button, the fix is on git, note that Throttle can only accelerates in those 2 games.

I also just spotted a missing accelerate mapping option for Hot Chase (hotchase.zip)

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Thanks for the report, the fix is on git :slight_smile:

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Hi, just reporting a missing pedal mapping for Hot Rod (hotrod.zip)

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The fix is on git, thanks for the report !

Hi, upgraded to Lakka 3.4 and just noticed that Led Storm Rally 2011 (leds2011) is missing the bike transform button mapping.

Thanks for the report (this one was also affecting standalone btw), the fix is on git.

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