[FBNeo] How to have reliable highscore saving?

I had a very old MAME 2003 plus romset that I used for a very long time. With that, every game, I do remember every single game I tried saved highscores.

I copied the hi files and the highscore.dat, and with Retroarch/FBneo, maybe only 1/3rd of the games save highscores. Plenty of games create .nv and .fs files, but don’t save high scores. Like Darius gaiden for example. What am I doing wrong? Is there any particular highscore.dat file that I should have used with FB neo?

Just an update. I do have a Dariusg.hi file from march. Meanwhile I updated Retroarch, and apparently it stopped saving hiscores. I’ve been playing Darius Gaiden and the .hi file hasn’t been updated.