FBNeo Save button layout NeoGeo & CPS

I use FBNeo core for CPS1/2 and NeoGeo gaming. The default button layout works perfect with all CPS1/2 games. But for NeoGeo the layout it’s not to my liking. I’ve changed the layout to NeoGeo games to match the arcade cabinet layout A(X), B(Y), C(A) & D(B) then saved it. But when i load a CPS game FBNeo loads the NeoGeo layout that i saved? Is there a way to load or save different layouts? I use an XBox One game pad. Thanks in advanced.

That’s not the arcade layout though, on arcade the 4 buttons are aligned which is impossible to reproduce on a gamepad, that’s why the 2 presets (aka device types) available on FBNeo are those :

  • Classic : match neogeo cd official gamepad layout
  • Modern : match layout from modern snk fighting games (they started using this one on psx iirc)

RA allow to save per-game or per-core, RA doesn’t know what’s a “system” on a “multi arcade system emulator” so it can’t save a specific layout for all neogeo games and only them.

PS : also, layouts can be quite different between 2 games running on the same arcade system, so i’m not sure there is possible workaround for this, most likely we are forever stuck at using per-game override for cores like this one if default settings don’t please the user.

You can do this with ‘Content Directory Remaps’ and separating your roms by system, for example cps/ and neogeo/.

This way you have remap files FinalBurn Neo/cps.rmp for CPS games and FinalBurn Neo/neogeo.rmp for NeoGeo games.

I use this system myself.

I didn’t know about this trick, where is this setting ?

It’s here:

Quick Menu > Controls > Save Content Directory Remap File