FBNEO saying latest rom isn't compatible

FBNEO never had a problem playing this bootleg and it started displaying an error message, I figured I had to update both core and rom to their latest versions, tried both MAME and FBNEO updated roms with no luck.

As pointed by the documentation, clrmamepro is your friend…

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I just tried to launch sf2amf8 and ffightae both are working with my fbneo core ( 326cd92).

Not sure what you are expecting me to say here, this romset changed and the emulator is literally telling you what you need to do to get around that, yet you don’t want to do it. Why do you even open a topic here if you don’t want to fix your situation ? Do you have any idea how depressing it is for the person who wrote this ?

So i investigated and those sf2amf romsets were renamed in MAME 0.237 (and we synced with them back in october, as usual), don’t ask me why, the old sf2amf8 romset is now named sf2amf9, clrmamepro would have solved this in a matter of seconds but instead i ended up spending 100x that time to investigate and answer to you. Please no “Clrmamepro isn’t really my thing” ever again, next time i don’t think i’ll bother answering, thanks in advance…

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