Fbneo. some roms close themselves

Hi there form Spain, I am sorry for my english. I am “lucky” to have a mecool KD2 (Android 11) and the truth is that it has not stopped giving me problems that are not relevant here. Finally, when I load some roms in retroarch of the MAME 2003 SUPER, MAME 2010 and FBNEO cores, they start but after a few seconds, roms close themselves. Those roms that work perfectly both on Windows and on my other Android, a Chinese Huawei M6. I’ve deleted the cores, I’ve deleted the .opt file from its folder, although I can’t locate the reotrarch.cfg (this seems to be a “gift” from Android 11, not being able to access root system files). I have reinstalled the cores, and nothing. The only way is to reinstall retroarch but it ends up happening anyway. However, two days ago with a stroke of luck, I managed to keep MAME roms stable, with the PROTECT CORE option (once loaded). This works for me in those MAME roms, not for FBNEO (neo geo). Actually, there are only 4 roms that don’t throw me, METAL SLUG 3,4,5 and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. It’s not bad, but those 4 games are giving me the creeps. I don’t know what else I can do or remove. If you want I can upload a video (and if you can here). any ideas? Thank you very much. I’ve thought about getting the roms to work with one of the mame cores, but yesterday that didn’t work either, it seems those 4 roms are cursed.

We would need to see a log to even guess what’s on.

Thank you! where do I find the log?? in windows there is a folder name logs but in android…

Here are instructions on generating a log: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/generating-retroarch-logs/#generating-logs-via-menu

well, It seems everything is OK, no error…I just adjusted “frontend core logging level” to 3 (error).

did you set the logging verbosities to 0-debug?

what i supose to do? set 0 (the lower) or set 3 (the higher)???

well, may be it will help. I tried to play METAL SLUG 4…(fbneo). the archive is so big, if you want i can share it, gracias!!!

yes, if you can upload the contents somewhere like pastebin.com and then post a link here, i can take a look.

gracias! I will do that!!

here we go!



Hmm, I don’t see any problems in there. It loads up properly and there doesn’t appear to be a crash or anything at the end.

Is it possible that a closure is being triggered somewhere?

Sounds like a case of roms not be compatible with certain cores because of version differences.

That was my guess, as well, but the log shows all of the files matching.

Maybe im wrong but i don’t think RetroArch can tell if a Mame rom is from a compatible romset. Pretty sure it just reports that the rom is the correct type of file. Anything else is an internal Mame thing.

The user says he is running roms with Mame 2003, 2010 and fbneo. All 3 are completely different generations of emulators, with almost a decade of difference each. There is no way a single romset will work with all 3.

I don’t know how it works for him in other systems as he claims but i bet he is just using a mix of random roms from random versions of romsets and after that it’s just a matter of luck if it works or not.


Thank you for your answers. As I said in a previous post, this kd2 is a device that causes problems in general, especially because of the energy issue. It has a chip that theoretically gets along with saving energy, and that causes strange things like if, for example, I turn off the Wi-Fi and restart the device, it stays dead and I have to connect a keyboard to USB to be able to connect the Wi-Fi. I don’t know if that could be the reason. In any case, it is curious that with the mame cores, activating the protect option does not happen to me.

I don’t know if 2 options could work:

  1. put the ROMS folder with all the roms in the same retroarch folder. I have them placed in the root directory.

  2. download those 4 games for mame 2010, modify the playlist and try with the core mame 2010

  3. I’m trying to find out if I can access the root files, because in android 11 you can’t, for example with programs like CX EXPLORER. try to delete the retroarch.cfg…

Android is a dodgy OS. I had crashing problems with my Nvidia Shield, and I managed to fix it by doing a factory reset. However, every now and then it still crashes but it happens rarely.