[Feature Request] Cheats Folder Naming


I am unsure if this is the right place for this kind of thing so I apologize if it’s not.

I recently found out about the cheats that are able to be used within RA. I noticed that in /cheats the folder is named via the core. Is there a change you could remove the auto creation of this folder? I think using the system name for the folder is preferred. Especially since /system /saves and /states all use this method.

Thank you!


Different cores may have different cheat capabilities. One core may be able to only interpret game genie codes, while another core for the same system might only interpret PAR codes. This is why they are saved by core and not by system. When you download the database it is stored by system with a different file for each type of cheats. You just need to import the proper code types from those files for the interpreters the core supports.

Edit. I should look at the original post date next time before neco’ing


Thanks for the reply and I am glad you replied. It seems as though many threads here die before they ever get started.

I do not have a problem using cheats. My issue is that when people that are unfamiliar with my setup try to load a cheat they do not realize they have to look in the corename folder. Who would think to look in BSNES (example) for a cheat file for Super Nintendo? The naming convention just doesn’t make sense.


As I said it’s done by core because each core has different cheat capabilities. So a cheat that works for bsnes, may not work in snes9x. If you download all the cheat files, though, they are separated by System at first. Then while playing you can use the import cheat file option and search the appropriate system directory. It will then save a new file to the cores specific folder.