Feature Request: Controller Identify Button

Call me lazy, but it would be really nice to have a ‘controller identify’ button which would be accessible in both kiosk and non-kiosk modes. A feature that is somewhat similar to the “monitor identify” button on Windows PCs. Ideally, a feature whereas the user enters the mode and hits a button on the controller and up pops on the screen which controller they are using. Either that, and/or the user can jog/rumble controller #3 (for example).

Out of curiosity, I labeled all my Logitech controllers (I have 4) and for whatever reason, the controllers are not always the same whenever I restart my PC. Just a suggestion…

It would indeed be nice to have a rumble test in the input settings and having it identify the controller would be a nice bonus.

For your specific case, if you’re okay using the dinput driver, there’s a utility called “devreorder” that should make your devices keep a specific order.

Ahhh… thank you! Are there any downsides to using dinput driver? (e.g. latency, lag time, features, etc…)

I think there’s some minor stuff like maybe rumble doesn’t work or something, but it should be fine for the most part.


Can anyone else confirm that the rumble does not work (or works) and also the feature limitations. This would be a deal breaker and I would rather go through the hassle of relabeling my controllers once a week (when I restart).