[Feature Request] Save Core/Game remaps per controller type

Hey guys I am sorry if this is a duplicate or not the correct way to submit a feature request.

Retroarch is fantastic but I really think this is a key feature missing.

Quick example with my use case:

  • I have 2 controllers, a DualSense connected with DS4Windows as X-Input (to use seamlessly with BigBox and other emulators), and an 8BitDo Arcade stick in X-Input mode (same reasons as for the DualSense).

  • I like to play for example the Sega Genesis with both controllers depending on the game (same with other retro console cores) but to get the 6-button Genesis layout on the Arcade Stick, it means I will have very weird controls on the DualSense, so I need to reconfigure each time I change controllers (or when playing 2 players with both controllers, one of the 2 players will have to have weird controls)

  • So it would be awesome to be able to have remaps saved on a per core/game AND controller basis.



Yes, a simple set-up with 2 different types of controllers is awkward and wonky to handle in retroarch and I think periodically this issue come’s up here and on reddit.

I have a F310 (gamepad) and a Hori arcade stick and there is not a clean way to alternate between the two in various situations.

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