Final Burn Alpha/Nero Playlist errors

I have a bunch of FB Alpha Arcade ROMs I use them for Arcade and NEOGEO. I got them from the same reference set (v 2.97.39). When I have RetroArch create my playlist some of the ROMs were in FB Nero/FB Alpha - Arcade playlist and others were sent to various versions of MAME and others didn’t show up at all.

Examples, Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition was placed into a MAME2010 playlists Art of Fighting is missing. If I Load content it’s still in my NeoGeo folder and plays but missing from all play list

How do I correct this error?

This Happens in RetroArch for my Windows 10 PC (RetroArch v1.7.6) on my PSX Classic using AutoBleem (RetroArch v1.7.6) And with BleemSync (RetroArch v.1.7.7) also for the PSX Classic

Hi. First of all, the scanner database is built for FB Alpha (now FinalBurn Neo) v0.2.97.44, so many roms you may have will not match the database. You will need to get an updated pack or rebuild it yourself.

If you don’t use MAME at all, then the easiest way to not have playlists show up for them is to uninstall the cores. That way it won’t look in the MAME databases when scanning and only fill the FB Alpha list.

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maybe you can try to create a playlist with this tool called playlist buddy… its designed especially for Arcade Emus like FBA/FBNeo and Mame. The tool is really simple to handle and works just nice if you had collect the correct roms and metadata-files!

the RA scanning process allways sucks for me when it comes to some newer arcade cores (for example newer Mame versions and Final Burn Alpha/Neo).




Ok cool, I will try with removing the MAME cores and Data base first. See if that help with putting the games in the correct spot. If not I’ll try out that build buddy tool.

I’m having this same issue and I got an updated pack for all my roms and replaced them (using Shield TV and latest RetroArc). They play perfectly if I manually select one with FB Neo but the scanner finds absolutely nothing. Really bad core so far unfortunately because everything scanned perfectly before and my other roms pick up right away on Snes/Nes/Genesis, etc.

Playlists are unrelated to cores in the first place.


Understood. I had to make a playlist and copy it over to my Shield TV to get anything to run on FBNeo with:

All my roms work great now, it’s just a shame they aren’t autodetected yet even with my v0.2.97.44 set. Would make this so much better to have proper names and art associated with it RetroArch. I was thinking the DAT file was needed for scanning but don’t know what to do with that file there is no documentation on it anywhere.

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The hotfix for this issue is rather simple, although on Android it requires the extra step of setting the core info folder to a writable location and editing the info file as described here.

@PalebloodSky you posted on that thread so I suppose you already saw it.

There are two bug reports on this issue, so I suppose a fix will happen rather sooner than later.


Wow that’s unbelievable it’s not an option in the menu or enabled by default. Especially in Android where you can’t write to this folder. I’ll see about setting the core info folder somewhere else but it’s almost as if the devs never bothered trying RetroArch in Android.

edit: wow that was easy once I set it to a different folder like you suggested and just set it to “false”. Already detected ALL of my roms and they work great in FB Neo!

Can you elaborate in what you exactly did? I have same exact issue with FB NEO Playlist not scanning.

Click their link, it’s explained there. Basically what you do is edit the file and change database_match_archive_member = “true” to "false". Then save and reopen RetroArch and rescan your arcade roms folder.

This change allows scanning and detection of all my roms and the playlist works now. Everything from the most basic of Asteroids to Street Fighter III 3rd Strike was detected and working with FinalBurn Neo.

I’m using Android (Nvidia Shield TV which runs Android 9.0) where the default Core Info folder doesn’t allow write access, so this is why you need to move it. They really should use a folder that allows write by default. Anyway, just change Core Info to a folder in settings. I’m using …/Downloads/RetroArch/coreinfo/ and then update Core Info so it places all the core files in there and that’s the you edit.

edit: clarifications


This worked. Thank you

I was having the same issue, thank you! ^_-

I added that to the official core info file, so you’ll be able to just grab them from the online updater once it trickles down to it (somewhere between a few mins and a few hours, usually).

Where do you find ** in Lakka? It is nowhere to be found. can be found in /tmp/cores

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