Final Fantasy Fans

One of most important thing in my retroarch is Final Fantasy serie.

I have FF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 , FF7 Crisis Core , Dissidia & Didssidia 012

I miss Final Fantasy X & Final Fantasy X-II in retroarch , require pcsxreamed 2 for PS2 emulation.

in FF 123 & FF 456 i have functional retroachievments

here is my fandom

first images show my green table world of Final Fantasy , LEGO train knowd from 7 & 8

second image show village in lego creator

next images show indiana dream catchers , this function makes dream static in my land

TV help modulate content

next image show raspberry with Kodi playing 24/7 Final Fantasy Longplay videos complete games

and last image is my retroarch flag custom playlist with all 12 games Final Fantasy not include X


what exactly is the dream catcher for?

original indiana dream catcher makes your dreaming stored in one the same place every night

all your nights all dreams be realised every night at the lego model close to it , makes dream lego vission

in that repeated dream is visible lego layout and TV playlists on raspberry film player

dreaming brain is catched to catcher immediately after asleep

New so I don’t know if a topic such as this is considered ok for this. But if you don’t mind I’ve got two questions. I just installed Retroarch for the first time. I intend to play Final Fantasy VI, IV and maybe VII on it after getting some advice that was the best way to play those two titles on my Win10 PC. So two questions…

  1. What is the best version of FFVI for a win10 PC (if it’s not on Retroarch I’d like to know that too). Where is it located, and what mods should I use for it (and their location). What Core should I use for it, and other settings?
  2. The same for FFIV.
  3. The same for FFVII

PS: Am I even asking the right questions? :thinking:

The GBA version has additional content, idk what’s the best core for emulating GBA (maybe mgba ?).

@CookieMuncher For FF7, you could get the PC version of Final Fantasy VII — and use this HD mod :

It’s the best way to play FF7 today! :wink:

The Nintendo DS versions of the older games run just fine upscaled on DeSmuME with RetroArch, and are my favorite versions of the games…

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For FFVI, the SNES version with the Ted Woolsey Uncensored hack is really good. I think it beats playing the GBA version with all the sound and color restoration hacks you’d have to use, and the SNES version still has the higher resolution.


No, actually the best way to play FF7 on PC today is by using this mod :

But it’s in french and I don’t know if there is an english version… :confused:


Mostly depends on what you are looking for, afaik the additional dungeon is only available on the GBA version, and it can be a major criteria when deciding which version you want to play. Otherwise, yeah, the SNES version is probably a tad more beautiful, and hackers have done many wonders on this version.


Thanks you all. I tried Ted Woolsey Uncensored but couldn’t get it to run so I’ll have to research how to use Retroarch some more before I try again. Gonna try the Remako HD PC-mod for FFVII first, and have a look at Moddb to see if there could be any others.

But first I’m playing FFIV. Could not find a single mod for it on any version, but it’s my first time doing it and it’s an odyssey into FF history and themes. Was really surprised to find a title melody really close (or is it the same?) as in FFVII. Remember when I played the latter back when it was released for PC. There were nothing like it and I sat at the title-screen just listening for 10 minutes in awe of the expectations it evoked.

Ah well. I’ll be doing FFVI next. I hear it’s the uber-gem of the whole series, but never got around to it.

FF6 on gameboy advance with the mgba is a great experience. Has some extra content and the core runs it well.A remaster of sorts was released on android years back. It looked good visually but ive never played it.

Have you played the FF4 complete collection on PSP? Im currently playing through it and I cant put it down.

You’ve got many different choices when it comes to FF7. Its on almost everything. It runs on win10 through steam just fine. There is also a version on pc called black edition which is basically the japanese version translated to english with some things that were Japan only but im not really sure exactly what those things are. I play FF7 mostly in retro arch with the pcsx rearmed core and it runs great.