FinalBurn Neo x NeoGeo: Riding Hero bugs in AES mode

Hi everyone, I’m experiencing a weird bug that I hope you can help me to better understand.

To play my NeoGeo games, I use RetroArch (latest version, 1.8.0) and FinalBurn Neo, which I set to:

  • fbneo-dipswitch-3countb-BIOS = “AES Japan”
  • fbneo-neogeo-mode = “AES” in order to boot directly in Japanese console mode.

This seems to work flawlessly with every title I tested so far, except for one, Riding Hero. While it runs no problem in MVS mode, as soon as I try to launch it in AES mode, the intro plays extreme slow motion and buttons stop responding at the title screen. Any idea about what’s up with that?

Also, a kinda related quirk. As far as I can tell, there seems to be no way to set MVS mode to proper Japanese, as all the games I tested boot up in English, no matter which Japanese MVS BIOS I select in FinalBurn Neo’s options. The only trick that seems to work is to boot directly through UNIBIOS, and set each game to

  • Region: Japan / Mode: Arcade

which is something I don’t really wish to do, due to all the additional issues that can be introduced by UNIBIOS itself. Am I missing / doing anything wrong here?

Thanks in advance! ^_-

PS - I’m on Windows 10.

That’s a known issue, full story in my old fbalpha repo : . As explained in the issue, there is a known workaround using cheats (see attachment in, i’m not a cheat user so i don’t know how to apply this to RetroArch though.

Edit : on a sidenote, if you don’t set fbneo-neogeo-mode to DIPSWITCH, the bios dipswitch will be ignored (thankfully, “AES Japan” is the default aes bios anyway)

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@BarbuDreadMon thanks for clarifying. It’s due to that link/cable quirk then, makes sense. I have no problem playing it in MVS mode, though, so I will stick to that (not a huge fan of cheats either).

One thing that I still don’t understand is why forcing MVS mode and Japanese region through UNIBIOS seems to work as expected (as in, the games’ language changes to Japanese), while setting the BIOS options via FB Neo (MVS Japan, for example) leaves the text in English.