FireTV-stick: Snes9x-core with slightly audio lag?

Hi. I am playing Mr. Nutz with the SNES9x 2002 core. Everything runs fine, framerate is super smooth and I have no problems.

But I noticed one little thing: Wenn the player jumps and comes back to the ground, it makes a popping sound. This sound is usually triggered just in the moment when the player touches the ground.

In my case it is so, that the player touches the ground and you hear the sound about half a second later. At first I did not notice that, but now I notice it with all the sounds in the game.

In the audio settings, latency is set to the default value of 128ms (that would be a tenth of a second). But I feel like it’s more, about 500ms or so.

Is this normal?


Hello. Were you able to fix this issue? I’m having audio lag in all games on the FireStick 4k and haven’t found any solution anywhere.

Sorry, no. There’s always this small audio delay, especially with SNES games. I just got used to it.

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Gotcha. Thank you for replying.

what game are you playing, i am pretty sure contra always had a lag with the character hitting the ground

that snes emulators are poorly optimized should improve them