First time PSP user, looking for some help/info

I’ve been using RetroArch on Windows for years now, but I’m going on vacation this weekend and I decided to yoink out the ol’ PSP. Turns out the last time I used this was in 2012, before I ever heard of RetroArch haha.

I cleaned out the PSP, downloaded the latest from the site, and got my roms transfered over, but I’m having some issues.

Where is the best spot to place roms?

  • I’m just not familiar with PSP file structures. I got a couple eBoots on there just fine, and I was able to put my roms in a folder called “roms” in the retroarch folder… but it’s a whole process to go through when I decide to load content. Is there an ideal folder location to make this less tedious of a process? I’m used to launching from a frontend in Windows.


  • I got a strange message about 1.7.7 not being available for download. I just wanted to know more about that.


  • Maybe this is related to the above, but some of the options I go into completely freeze my PSP, like Appearance in User Interface, for example. Is there anything I can do about this?


  • This came with a handful of cores, but not ones I’m used to seeing. I’m guessing because it’s PSP and not Windows (makes sense) but I can’t connect my PSP to my wifi for some incredibly annoying and hair pulling reason, so I can’t even begin to consider checking the core updater… is there another spot I can download the up-to-date / other PSP cores?


  • This might sound silly but, are there no shader options? I couldn’t see it. I was just wanting to add scanlines.

Anything else I should know, I guess?

I appreciate any help I can get here. I’ve only got till Saturday morning to get my PSP in order. lol

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Have you already tried to see this video?


Yeah I got it installed, funny enough I really only had time to pull it out and play F-Zero for like a race or 2 for the entire week hahaha. I’m just not a handheld gamer.