(Fix) KDE Performance issue (stuttering etc)

Are you having performance problems under KDE? try switching to XRander in Compositor

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Or just press Shift+Alt+F12 to toggle the compositor off before launching retroarch.

disabling compositor on my end actually gets me stuck at 60 fps max, regardless of ff rate

Or exit your session and start Retroarch through KMS… :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s normal on 60Hz with vsync.

thats why i dont disable compositor (which defeats the purpose of kde’s transparencies anyways)

this was a general bad idea, in a sense that changing to XRander compositor disabled blurring (will make window transparent instead). My aim is to improve performance level without breaking KDE visuals (at least not much)

With the compositor active, it’s impossible. There’s a patched kwin called kwin-lowlatency which I use, and it improves things, but even with that, the best thing to do is to disable compositing with shift+alt+F12 when running games.

There is a kwin-lowlatency setting in System Settings/Display and Monitor/Compositor called “Suspend compositor for full screen windows” if you want this to happen automatically when an application goes full screen.

What might the reason for high cpu usage? I’m starting RA under KWin with compositing suspended as per recommendation but RA is still using 30-40% of cpu (depends on menu driver, xmb usage is little lower than ozone) just showing the Main Menu.