Fix video game cutscenes not displaying properly

I am using the PCSX Rearmed core in 1.7.7 Retroarch and I am having a problem with one video game(Driver 2), that I know of, not displaying cutscenes properly. Version of rom is Driver 2 v1.1, and I am using a .m3u file so I can swap discs when needed.

Well, to be more precise, the problems start on the Infogrames logo as the logo will go into a bunch of different colors and then continue on from there to the next scene, which is something of a trailer for the game. It really makes it hard to play when it does that. Any help will be appreciated to let me know if I have a bad ROM dump or need to just tweak the settings some in the video dept.

I believe this game just has issues with that core. I recall people experiencing a number of graphical problems with it of varying intensity.

I might try and figure out the Beetle cores for that particular game. They seem to be highly recommended, but seem to be the most complex too. What would be the best settings for the plugins on all the Beetle cores as I am using an AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with a Radeon Vega 8 GPU. It can get to 60 FPS it appears on PS1 games, as I tried Gran Turismo 2 (on PCSX Rearmed)after some minor tweaks and the game sounded better and it seemed to pick up the frame rate from 54-55 FPS average to the 60 FPS that is standard.