Flea Market NES Mini - Native 240p

Didn’t know where else to post this but interesting none the less… my friend gave me this 620 games in one NES Mini from the flea market he picked up for $15.00. It has a composite output. I wasn’t expecting much and was planning to honestly throw it out but I hooked it up to my CRT TV and…this thing outputs 240p the image is rock solid.

More interesting is the input lag. There is none, it is equal to an actual NES. It’s more responsive than my libretro CRT emudriver pc with Nestopia at runahead at 1 frame, frame delay at 12, and swapchain images set to 1 and hardwired controller.

Crazy stuff for 15 beans. For a quick NES 240p fix with responsiveness equal to the NES you can’t go wrong.

Yeah, probably one of the ol’ NOAC clones. They have some problems but, like you said, hard to argue with the price :slight_smile: