Flycast and Trackballs-Do they exist?

OK guys, I’ve a long time lurker here for too long and finally had to join just ask this:

I have spent the last 3 days trying to get my RA flycast core Naomi games to work with my trackball or even my mouse (which is it matters my trackball moves my mouse cursor just like the actual mouse). Anyway I figured out (in time) that you could configure controls using the game’s “quick menu” after loading a game, or go to the main settings and configure the controls there. Analog joysticks, arcade happ buttons, whatever. It works great but the whole mouse/trackball thing I get nada even after changing the mouse or device index to carious numbers.

So basically fellas, for anyone running the FLYCAST core, are you able to use your trackball or mouse for control.If someone can at least tell confirm it does or does not work I would know whether to keep screwing around with it!. For example in Naomi there’s a game called Monkey Ball that was made for the trackball. Same for Sega’s Virtua Golf (a.k.a Dynamic Golf) which is obviously a trackball game.

Much love for the Flycast. It’s great! TY for the hard work.

Haven’t gotten any feedback so I was gonna rephrase it. Does the flycast core work with a mouse? I’ve changed the mouse index to various numbers and I can never get the controls to detect movement.

Does the flycast core work with mouse inputs? If so how? I’m on Win 7x64

Hello @HomieTheClown ,
i tried FlyCast (0.1 8e4fa54) with Virtua Golf / Dynamic Golf (Rev A) (GDS-0009A) - Win7 64bit - RetroArch 1.9.7 (stable).

I had a Logitech controller plugged in, but without changing anything i could use my mouse. (don’t have a trackball)

In “Settings - Input - Port 1 Controls” mouse index is 0 (in quick menu 1 [don’t know why?]) and analog (left right x y + - ) is not configured (Auto)

I had already seen the article, but I was a bit busy to try.

Trackball games are not the same as Mouse. It is a trap of emulation using a trackball mouse, even so, it should work in these games.

Effectively Virtua Golf works without doing anything, but Monkey no. I also tried House of Dead 2 of Naomi and it works when the LightGun is activated, but the Dreamcast game is blocked. The games Mame, Trackball or Lightgun, none works with the mouse.

It seems like an error, I’m going to do other tests before reporting the error.