Flycast Atomiswave Service Button & transparant character

Is there a way to enter the Service Mode with Flycast in Metal Slug 6? I want to enable the blood (red) within the game.

I’ve also noticed that in Fist of the North Star, when i Upscale the Texture (xBRZ) more than x2 the opponent become transparent? It’s really noticeable in the first opponent Heart who has a huge belly.

Is there a reason why Upscale Texture (xBRZ) doesn’t work on Samurai Spirits? It’s a sprites based game like Metal Slug. Thanks in advanced.

Enable Allow Naomi service buttons in Quick Menu.
IIRC you can than enter the Service Mode with the L3 button.
Use R3 to cycle thru menu items.

Thank you for the reply. I tried that but for Metal Slug 6 (with Flycast), i don’t get the blood/violent mode in the Service options. If anyone has had luck please share.

Region set to USA maybe ? A tip : never set anything to USA in any emulator if you are looking for violence/gore/blood, everything is generally censored.

Edit : nvm, it doesn’t change anything for mslug6, maybe there is no such mode in this game.

Edit2 : it seems there is a hidden method :

As the thread linked above mentions, there is a weird way to enable the gore mode through a particularly difficult button combination. There is also the option to use an existing NVRAM file which has the option already enabled, with the caveat of overriding your own settings, stats, scores, etc.

It would be nice if someone could find the instructions in the actual binaries so that it could be always enabled by default; anyway, for lack of a better option, if you want to modify your own NVRAM file, it is fairly easy.

Enable gore (red blood)

  1. Quit Retroarch;
  2. Locate your NVRAM file (ex:, typically inside Retroarch’s saves\reicast);
  3. Make a backup of the file before touching it;
  4. Open the original NVRAM file with an hex-editor and replace the bytes in the following offsets with the corresponding bytes indicated here:
0x87: F0
0x94-0x9B: 35 E5 50 6E AB 66 8A F1
0xA0-0xA3: 46 84 62 8B
0xC4-0xC8: C4 5E 4D 9B 05
0x2035: 01

At this point, you should be good, just save the file and run the game. If by any chance you want to change the language and region, but for whatever reason don’t want to enter the service menu, you can preset it here too; process is the same:

Set region/language (N.A./English)

0x241-0x242: 01 01
0x248-0x24B: C3 D4 E0 F2

Below is a screenshot of what the gore option edits should look like in the NVRAM file (offset 0x2035 is elsewhere):


Thank you ner0, this worked perfect!!

Great stuff, thank you!

here is the save file already edited for mslug with blood as well as mvc2 unlock for all fighters

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Those games are not sprites, they are textured polygons. Maybe it can be fixed by perfecting the emulation, but, while that happens, the shaders can work just fine.