Flycast video options

hi! i have a problem with video option from Flycast core… the core dont show options in quick menu / option… is problem from core? i will like put resolution 2x or more and fix other option for this game (Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver)

Hi @Wolfgang,

Apparently there’s a bug causing this. @flyinghead (main author) has a PR ready to merge which solves this:

Once it’s merged, it should be fixed.


I’m very sorry, but I don’t understand what I should do … should I copy / paste something into a file? if so in what file? Or should I download a file? : )

No. You just wait until it’s fixed and then download the core again from within RetroArch. The fix was merged already, but it will take some time for the updated core to become downloadable.


ohhh i see… well… i wait for that , thk for all. :slight_smile: