For picodrive how do I play multidisc Sega Cd games

For picodrive how do I play multidisc Sega Cd games? m3u won’t work right? So how do I do it? I load either disc of a 2 disc game just fine, but how do I tell it to go to the 2nd disc from within the game while playing disc 1? I found “Command - Disc Options - Cycle Tray/Next Disc/Previous Disc” in the menu but it does nothing? Do I need to actually wait until the game prompts me and then it will do something? I was just trying to switch from disc to disc to test it. I’m wondering if its just only supposed to work when the game prompts you?

If the disc control menu shows up, you should be able to ‘append disc’ and find the next one, then cycle the tray open, return to the game for a few seconds so it realizes it’s open, go back to the menu, increment the disc index to move to the newly appended disc, then cycle the tray again to close it. Go back to the game and it should be using the next disc.

Cycle Tray/Next Disc/Previous Disc Are my only 3 options and they don’t react when clicked on.

In that case, you may need to copy/rename your saved game to match the next disc and just load it manually instead of doing disc-swapping.

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