Forcing MAME roms to be under one playlist?

Like the topic says, I thought I’d re-enter the MAME scene due to the naomi support now. Got a few games from the .203 set and it dumps a lot of them into different playlists. I got them all scattered under final burn, mame 2010, mame 2014, and of course MAME, which is what I want them all under. Is there a way to force this option or am I stuck?

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I’ve run into this too. The only way that I can think of is removing the cores OR database files that you don’t want playlists for and then scan.

I don’t think that there’s a more elegant way, probably a priority system would be required. As I see, it seems that FB Alpha is always preferred.


Maybe you can merge the playlists together into one using a text editor like Notepad++.

I had to do that because they kept going in the FB Alpha playlist.

Donkey Kong (US set 1)  
MAME (Git)  
MAME 2014 - Arcade

Just upgraded the database and deleted the old playlists because I got a few more MAME roms… and now they’re all under the MAME database! Cheers! Hope it stays that way.

Revisiting this topic.

Presumably this means that when all appear under a single playlist eg MAME, then all the content uses the MAME core, as opposed to the MAME 2013, MAME 2015 etc cores?

And if thats the case, is there any disadvantage for not using the specific cores??? Does Outrun perform just as well using MAME instead of MAME2003+?

i recommend you using the “RA Playlist Buddy” to create a Mame20XX Playlist. I think its the best solution because you can chose the matching meta data and it result a nice and clean Playlist. The Tool is simple to handle too!



Only if you have a default core set for the playlist. You can choose any core to run content otherwise (it will prompt you).

General rule of thumb is that more recent is more accurate, while older is less accurate but faster (for older/weaker hardware). The added complication here is that MAME versions require specific romsets, so for a certain game you may have to use a specific version.

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thanks for that. Makes complete sense.

So am i right in thinking theres no way that you can create a playlist eg. ARCADE, with 100% of the Arcade roms included in that playlist, but that each rom has its own config about which version of Mame it uses?

Sure you can. Once you choose a core for a game (again, if there is not a default core set for the playlist), it will be saved for the next time.

This does mean that you will have to set them one-by-one.

There are new playlist/core assignment menu entries in the latest nightly builds that I have not tried out, but I believe the whole process is much more straightforward for these things.

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So have got my Retroarch build working as I want it on PC - thank you for your help.

I already have an image on a usb stick for Retroarch for the PS Classic, but what files/directories do I need to transfer to ensure I retain the same settings? Im assuming that its just the relevant playlist files? And that I need to make sure that it matches appropriate folder structure for retroarch on PSClassic - eg change from

“path”: “D:\emulation & modding\retroarch\roms\MAME\”,


“path”: “/media/roms/MAME/” Thanks

I start playing these old retro games again and i have downloaded to much MAME ROMs and i put them in the MAME folder named roms but when I start the emulator all the games don’t show is that meaning that they aren’t playable or the name is different and the emulator cant recognized it.

Press F5 to bring up the desktop interface, create a playlist, and add all the games you want and tell it which core to use.

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Huge thanks, I’m new to RA and was kinda stuck with the same problem. :+1:

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Well a few versions later and once again it’s throwing everything from MAME into 20 billion different playlists. Latest romset. sigh I resorted to manual scan but that means I have to go through and rename each and every rom and I don’t get any boxarts or titles or nothing throws hands up

There are new playlist/core assignment menu entries in the latest nightly builds that I have not tried out, but I believe the whole process is much more straightforward for these things. Nhưng tôi thường chơi những trò chơi cổ điển và cũ tại Romskostenlos.

you’re not supposed to rename roms. When doing manual scan, make sure you then use a mame.xml file for the emu to change to Marvel vs. Capcom (E)

Mame xml can be found here: Releases · mamedev/mame (

Download the lx file that corresponds to your mame version (ex current is .251, iic) and select it when doing custom scan.