Forum griping plus input question

[griping] On Android Retroarch I can only use a Switch Pro controller ‘properly’ while it’s unmapped. It’s not proper though, because only a few buttons are mapped by default, but directionals work fine for instance. The real problem starts after that. As soon as I remap, everything is read and mapped fine, BUT! there’s a huuuuuge input lag from then on. It’s not even like lag, let me put it this way: I press ‘down’ briefly, nothing happens. I press ‘down’ a little longer and it immediately skips 2-3 menus down and stops on the third or fourth option. I’ve tried messing with the autoconfig, nothing helped. Any help would be very welcome [more griping]. Thank you in advance!

I’ve edited your post to remove the unhelpful complaining. I’m well aware of how the forum is set up and it’s not changing.

Moving on.

When you first connect the pad and press a button, does it recognize it properly as a Switch Pro controller (i.e., in the popup notification, does it say “Switch Pro blah blah configured”?). If you disable autoconfiguration and map it yourself, does it treat you any differently?