FPS who goes down with Playstation Bettle PSX HW

Hello, I come to you for a problem i play with my nvidia shield tv 2017 with retroarch 1. 7. 7 and when i play for example at the playstation i have fps drop attached video to understand

it’s the same on the emulation nintendo 64 and the dreamcast but not on the megadrive and supernes If anyone can help me I do not see where it can come from Have a lovely day everybody

Nobody can help me Thank you all

Seems like it can’t handle the game at your current settings.

Thank you Chipson for your answer you think it can come from or

The Beetle PSX Cores currently don’t have a Dynarec CPU emulation so it’s going to be pretty slow on the Shield TV. Even worse so if you increase the internal resolution.

Dreamcast should be fairly fast though as I can run full speed with all games on my Shield TV. Same for N64, but I use the standalone Mupen64plus AE.

Thank you but it’s weird because before crash bandicoot market well but I have the touch in the settings but what? You would have a file. cfg for me to see with my nvidia shield?

Beetle HW does not run very well on my Nvidia Shield. I wouldn’t expect yours to be any different

It runs mostly full speed on mine (but without much headroom, and some games are not full speed or experience intermittent framedrops), but that’s only on 64-bit. 32-bit isn’t even close, so you should stick to pcsx-rearmed there.

Thank you all I’m back on Retroarch x32 I saw that indeed Beetle HW does not work with all the games but PCSX ReARMed works much better I put with the logo of playstation at startup it is the little nostalgia :grin: Otherwise, you advise me what heart so that it works properly on the NVIDIA shield TV 2017 Megadrive: I’m with PicoDrive it’s time to walk well Super Nintendo: I’m with Snes9x he has the age to walk well Nintendo 64: I am with ParaLLEI N64 it has the age to walk well but it crashes that I stop the emulation of a game it stops complement retroarch it is the only one to walk a can near 1080 TenEighty Snowboarding Playstation 1: That’s the era of PCSX ReARMed that works best Dreamcast: I tried flycast and reicast, flycast in the era of better walking with Sonic adventure 2 it does not have the time to slow down Thanking you

Up is possible to have an opinion on what heart is needed for the nvidia shield tv? Thanks