Frame Rest can crash Retroarch?

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Retroarch have an new setting “Frame Rest” to avoid cpu much usage in vsync and for “third party scanline sync”. However that setting can crash Retroarch when doing fast forward ? What means “third party scanline sync” ? Related with video card driver ?

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Yes, things like ‘scanline sync’ in rivatuner.

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@hunterk: sorry for revoking this thread but I have a question about frame rest: When I deactivate V-Sync in RA and have fast V-Sync activated in the NVidia drivers - will I get any benefit from enabling frame rest in RA? Just done some quick tests with that in different cores and I cannot see any relevant change in GPU Load at all.

I have no idea, actually. The frame rest thing is fairly new from @sonninnos, who uses RTSS regularly. Maybe he can chime in and explain.

Frame Rest does exact same sleeping as Frame Delay, except with different logic that attempts to increase the sleep amount, and is limited to half frame time. Never crashed here, and there isn’t supposed to be any change in GPU load, but CPU load, as the sublabel states.

I’m going to remove it in any case after I get the Frame Delay improved enough, because then it will be way more obsolete than it currently is. That sleeping after frame present has dual benefit of lower input lag and lower CPU temperature (depending on the video driver and vsync method), nothing more.

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CPU not GPU - sorry my bad i misread the label. Will make a few test with that info in mind.

… FYI: tested with GenesisPlusGX Core: without Frame rest: 11% with frame rest: 7%

That’s amazing! I play on a laptop: every saved percent counts.