Fuse core stopped working properly (only some hotkeys work)

I have been playing many spectrum games, and today out of nowhere games stopped working on FUSE. The games load, but both the keyboard and controller don’t work. Some hotkeys work, but the Retroarch status bar doesn’t work either.

The only thing different I did today was loading some new bezels. But these work fine in any other core. I already reverted to the old regular HSM bezel, and I still can’t play.

Loading the core alone returns a black screen, and not the Spectrum command line.

EDIT: Hitting F11 for the status bar just brings the mouse pointer upfront. Restarting the core crashes Retroarch…

I’ve also deleted the core and all profiles and configs. Downloaded the core again and same issue.

Solved the issue…for some reason P1 stopped being binded to kempston, and P2 to keyboard. Now I feel silly. How can I delete this post?