Gamebatte different shader for GB games and GBC games?

Hey everyone quick question. I have figured out how to have a distinct shader per core in retroarch but I’m looking to without doing a per game for hundreds of games have a different shader for each handheld.

No, RetroArch doesn’t know anything about systems, only cores. If you have one core covering multiple systems, there’s no way to differentiate between the systems. However, you can use a separate core. For example, use TGBDual for GB and gambatte for GBC.

You can also compile a custom core with a modified internal name, which RetroArch will see as an entirely separate core. I made some for Gambatte and GenPlusGX and posted them in this thread:

Thats exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

You can also use per-game shader presets and copy them around for the games you want to play.

Edit: Oh, I had missed “but I’m looking to without doing a per game for hundreds of games”. Sorry!

I know I’m resurrecting a very old threat. But I signed up just to say this, in case someone else stumbles across this, and is looking for an answer.

I was also trying to use Gamebatte for Game Boy, and Game Boy Color, wanting Game Boy games to appear in the original palette of the hardware, and Game Boy Color games to appear as if they were played on a GBC.

I don’t know if this was a capability 4 years ago, but RetroArch now allows you to save “Content Directory Presets” for shaders. So, as long as your Game Boy, and Game Boy Color games are in different folders, you can have a shader preset saved for each.

Those folders will need to be named differently though.

So, if you have a directory structure looking like:

Emulation\Systems\Gameboy\Games Emulation\Systems\GameboyColor\Games

It would still save it as one preset. What you’ll need is something more akin to:

Emulation\Systems\Gameboy\Games-GB Emulation\Systems\GameboyColor\Games-GBC

As the final directory name is what the preset is saved as.

Hope this helps.

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