Gameboy handheld shader on Android

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to find a solution to this anywhere on this board. I just downloaded RetroArch for Android and the Gameboy shader is not doing anything when I apply it. On the windows version of RetroArch I can get the shader to load just fine. Anyone know how to solve this, or is there another gameboy filter that I can use with Android (the windows version is in a different format).

yeah, that one doesn’t seem to work. It’s pretty complex, though, so it’s fairly likely you wouldn’t get full speed anyway.

However, if you manually setup 2 passes, with misc/mcgreen-nohalo or whatever in the first pass and bead in the second pass, you’ll get a pretty decent approximation that should be quite fast.

Thanks I’ll try that. Would be great to get something close to that classic “green puke” look :slight_smile:

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So I actually got the shaders to work on Android! I was doing more searching on the issue and there was a page that talked about a python script that can convert the cg shaders to glsl shaders. I ran the script on the windows shaders and copied them to my Android device and they work great. They are a little choppy but definitely playable. Below is the converted gameboy shader, if anyone wants to use it on their android device.

Gameboy shader

Also here is a video of how it looks on my Nexus 7(2013) and Galaxy S3 … qAzdiTi91a

Nice. I’m impressed that it’s full speed :slight_smile:

lion really thanks for your file. I have been struggling with this but not get it working by Harlequin file but now yours made my day thanks

Greetings everyone!

I currently run retroarch on my galaxy s8, and I’m trying to get the most accurate game boy shader to work. Here is a picture of Harlequin’s shader which is recognized only on my pc but not on my phone:

I tryed the dmg-2x.glslp shader on the phone but it looks nothing like on my computer:

harlequin’s shader should work just fine on your phone. Is the shader failing to compile? A log would be helpful. (settings > user interface > ‘show advanced options’ ON, then settings > logging > ‘logging verbosity’ DEBUG and settings > logging > ‘log to file’ ON)

Have you tried any larger scales for the dmg shader?

Greetings hunterk, and thank you for replying so fast!

Please forgive me because i am not versed in programming and stuff. But will do my best to get to the bottom of this.

So, i think i managed to generate the logfile you requested, i don’t know how to “DEBUG” tho.

I tried to mess around with every setting possible from scale to shader parameters but no luck, even the colors of the shader are not the same as the pc version.

Ah, yeah, it uses a different color palette, which is handled by an image file. You can take the one from the regular gameboy shader and just plop it into the dmg shader’s spot, overwriting the old one and it should make the colors match the non-DMG version.

I have harelquin’s shader on pc, edited all the colors and everything but it’s in .cgp format, and i think i need to convert it to .glslp so my phone will recognize it through retroarch.

I installed python3. noob questions:

  1. where do i put, in the root folder of python3 or in a subfolder?
  2. what is the exact command line ?
  3. Do i run the command line from python3 command prompt or do i create a separate .bat file?

Thank you!

I’ve already hand-converted it to GLSL:

I assumed you were referring to this one as not working on your phone for some reason, but now I take it you weren’t aware of it…?

Same as before i get a blurry dark image: Screenshot_20190723-222107 If it’s supposed to work by default, probably i should reinstall retroarch on my phone.

Can’t see the pictures unfortunately. Apparently you moved it in your cloud storage.