Gamecon module is not enabled in the latest Lakka x86_64 version

As shown in the figure:

Gamecon module is not enabled. How can I enable it again?

i thought gamecon was for RPi GPIO? Why would it need to be included in x86_64?

This is because: 1. 2. The final result:

Then today, I updated to the latest version and found that it couldn’t be used. The 16 ports in the system’s own parport driver can’t make it work. So please enable it again

I spoke with gouchi about it and he asked if you could make a ticket for it at the lakka github issue tracker.

BDJoe360 you happen to have a guncon? If so, could you test if it works in the lpt port?

OK Thankyou Verymuch!! Is the report like this:

Sorry, I don’t have a guncon.But as far as I know, gamecon driver doesn’t support it

The guncon reports X and Y values. just like an analog joystick. It might work.

Also some cheap ps to usb adapters works with the guncon, reporting a analog position.