Gamepad/input issues, with troubleshooting



running retroarch 1.7.5 (now on 1.7.6) on an android 7.1 TV stick, rk3229 SOC. input and joypad drivers both set to “android” (no other option on mine it seems). i have a bluetooth mouse and 2.4 ghz wireless keyboard, but i’m trying to eliminate the need for those entirely.

the issue is simple to define, at this point i’ve got most of my controls and inputs the way i like them, which is nice, but since i started there’s one thing i couldnt get to come out right

my gamepad (wired USB power-A switch pro controller) works in android home screen. launcher, other apps, etc. but as soon as i open retroarch, it stops working- until i unplug it and plug it back in. then it’s fine. then whenever i load a core/content, it stops working -again- until i unplug and replug it. and again when i close the core and return to the XMB. bluetooth gamepads (steelseries stratus XL) have a similar issue, but the stratus has a physical on-off switch so i just use that. symptom also presents when changing certain settings, usually related to visual filters. i’m trying to set this up as a pick up and play kiosk, so this clearly won’t do.

i’ve toyed with most input and gamepad settings, enabling and disabling various automatic configs, maps, binds, returning to defaults, toying some more, no luck. but its possible i just haven’t tried the right mix of options. if someone has some insight on this, or a possible fix, i’m all ears.

edit: after a complete reinstall i got it working with at least the wired gamepads.


I experienced this also on LAKKA 2.2.1 on my Raspberry Pi 3B after changing shaders. It might be a deeper issue (not only an Android thing), but haven’t tested further.


just on changing filter options, or also when loading the app itself, and when opening/closing cores?


an update: i had originally only found one thread with a similar situation to mine, but deeper searching shows several others having my problem. sadly, none of them show a solution. i’m going to experiment with some gamepad IME’s to see if it helps.

if there’s a way to add more drivers, that might help too. “android” is my only option, but some android users have things like udev as options