Gamepad overlay disappears

just updated from version 1.2.2 to latest and now my SNES gamepad overlay disappears when after using the menu button to save state, ffwd, etc. there is no way to bring back the controller buttons after I try to exit the menu. this is the overlay filed in “Old”, but I much prefer this one to the current SNES overlay as it doesn’t have all the icons blocking the top middle of the screen. am I SOL or is there a workaround? if there is a way to use the newer SNES gamepad overlay and change the layout, so I can make it look minimal like the old version… please let me know. I’m on a non rooted Galaxy S8+, so I don’t know how to edit overlays. thank you

Yeah, we had some problems with the old ones. If the new one is treating you right other than the buttons being in places you don’t want them, you can create a new overlay directory in your storage/RetroArch directory and then go to settings > directory and point your overlays directory to it. Re-fetch them from the online updater and you should be ready to edit them.

Find the overlay you want to edit and, in your case, just look for the buttons you want to make disappear and delete the line after each one that has a filepath to the image. e.g., overlay2_desc21_overlay = /some/path.png

Without that image, the button will still be there, it’ll just be invisible.

sorry I just saw your response here while I was replying to the old thread. thank you so much for your quick response! I’ll try that in a few!

Could you please let me know how to move the buttons around and resize them? From reading the wiki, I’m looking at the descs, but I don’t know what numbers to plug in there for screen coordinates. I tried plugging in the coordinates from the old version, and the results are not the same. I’m trying to move both the Start and Select buttons from the bottom to the left side like the old version, and I’d also like to move both dpad (and resize it, since it’s too big - without changing the scale of the rest) and ABXY buttons further to the sides to move them out of the screen’s view, since my Galaxy S8+ can accommodate the wider position. Thank you

That’s going to be a lot of work, but here you go:

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Well after hours of tweaking… I finally have my perfect setup! Thank you hunterk for the help! I’ll attach the file here once I tweak the dpad diagonals some more, in case others might find it useful.

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Ok I got everything set up. Just one last thing I can’t figure out… is there a way to lessen the d-pad’s sensitivity? Even when I set the diagonals to 0,0… it seems like I have to really be careful of what I press, since it often presses the direction next to it by accident, making games like Secret of Mana tough to control precisely, since it gives it a floaty feeling.

no, that’s a tough one, for sure. I’ve had good luck scooting the diagonals’ hitboxes farther out from the center because it makes you need to move more deliberately to press them (this can help with the cardinal directions, too). Another thing you might try is replacing it with an analog stick and using the ‘analog dpad’ option in settings > input. I think it’s a little more intuitive on touchscreens. If you decide to go that route, you can just steal an analog pad from one of the other overlays.

Ok I’ve increased the hitbox and it helps a bit, but it’s still too sensitive. Is there a way to add dead zone? Also, how do i properly disable diagonals on the d-pad?

For comparison, I tried SNES9X EX+ off the Play store, and that has adjustable dead zone, to which I set to 1.6, and turned off diagonals completely, and this works great. I’d much prefer to use retroarch tho, so hopefully this is also doable on here. Thanks!

If you want to disable diagonals, just replace their action descriptor (e.g., left|up)with “null” in the cfg.

We don’t have any deadzone adjustment, just hitboxes.

ok thank you again. one last question, promise! =) how does radial size affect the numbers I put for individual LRUD buttons, and what is the proper way to calculate radial size?

Ok, after hours of tweaking, here’s the file if anyone wants an SNES overlay that keeps the game display free of clutter. I’ve learned quite a bit by testing different parts of the config, so thanks again hunterk!

oops… nevermind. seems I can only upload picture files

Slightly off topic, sorry, but what game is this? :slight_smile:

Secret of Mana on SNES.