Gamepad woes

I use a DS4 to play everything on my PC, it works perfectly, I use the touchpad swipe up and down to control Windows volume, touch left works as Select and right as Start, since I don’t like the physical buttons positions compared to my former DS3, which was much better in this regard.

The problem is very specific and I believe I’m the only one having this issue.

When I try to control volume during a game in Retroarch, it suddenly tries to connect, like I had manually started a network session, says something as waiting for client or anything net related, the game starts to lag a bit and will only back to normal if I press menu twice to go back to the game, otherwise the control will act crazy.

I’m assuming the media control in the touchpad is activating some hotkey, but which one?

by default, the ‘netplay host toggle’ isn’t mapped to anything, but the ‘spectator toggle’ is mapped to ‘i’. I would go to settings > input > hotkey binds and make sure both of those options are unmapped (hover over each one and press ‘del’)

Yeah, there’s something mapped here, but it shouldn’t, I’ve never mapped anything but Menu and Fast Forward keys. Net play toggle play/perspective is mapped to (i), while toggle recording mapped to (o), I’ll unmap them to see if it solves the issue, I noticed some video recordings were being saved in Retroarch’s root folder.

Any idea why the volume function would activate these actions?

Edit: I tried manually editing the config files, unmapping these functions but they won’t work, using the touchpad media functions, it didn’t only show something weird like a widget displaying “Nul”, now, also making the game running in slow motion, my guess is that this function won’t work with RA. But, since it works well with all other non-RA related stuff, increasing or decreasing volume, etc., can someone try and reproduce this during a game running in RA and using the keyboard media keys to see if it also happens with other PCs?

I had the same issue. Try setting the Input Driver in Retroarch to “RAW”. It should solve your problem.

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RetroArch should make a deal with 8BitDo to make a custom RetroArch theme controller with fuction buttons for RetroArch features like speed ups and save states.

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we talked with them years ago about doing such a thing, but it was tens of thousands of dollars up-front at the time, and likely even more nowadays, since they’re a bigger company than they were then.

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