Games are no longer smooth on my 240hz monitor

After updating to the latest nightly a few days ago, the scrolling of 60hz games isn’t smooth anymore.

Before, i would use the “sync to exact refresh rate” option and the scrolling would become smooth. Not anymore, games run with an obvious stuttering, just as if i had this disabled.

I also noticed, the “estimated refresh rate” is all over the place. It should be 240hz (or 239, something) but it changes from that to 80, 130, 150, 100, any random number.

Is this a known issue?

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Open your retroarch.cfg and find video_refresh_rate and enter the native refresh of your monitor.

Thanks but it’s already set at 240hz.

I had the same problem with one of the recent nightlies. I had to roll-back to the latest stable version of retroarch to fix it.

Did the same but the latest stable version still has this problem for me.

I’m not sure what’s changed then.

I solved this issue by trying different combinations with audio vsync interval, in my case for 50(100) hz the correct value is ‘2’. I also disabled VRR, but it makes no difference to me.

As this suddenly happened to me without making any change in RA, I think that’s something related to video drivers, in my case I updated to latest NVIDIA 457.30