Gaming on CRT TV from PC?

I would like to play retro games with my PC on CRT TV sometimes for more authentic experience. I do have some old consoles but they can be unreliable and I also like emulators and their benefits. Is there a way to run these old games from PC with RetroArch on European CRT TV with native resolution and with RGB SCART video? Maybe by converting 31 kHz VGA RGB to 15 kHz SCART RGB?

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A hardware solution is the UMSA (Ultimate Scart Adapter). The software side depends on your OS and your GPU. E.g. CRT Emudriver is Windows and AMD only, CRU should work for Nvidia as well but has other limitations.

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Retroarch allows you to output 15khz through the crt switchres functionality (under video settings but you have to enable the function in advanced settings) As mentionned in the previous answer the USMA allows you to connect a vga cable on one side and a scart on the other, however you need to have the pc output 15khz for the crt to accept the signal as the USMA is not a converter. An easy way to output 15khz is to use the mme4crt iso alpha anu has created (check the forum, it is a linux distribution with a version of retroarch modified for 15khz purpose) or you take a simple to use linux distro such as ubuntu or kubuntu and you install retroarch. There will be no need to install specific drivers nor specific modes or to have a specific graphic card. If you want to stick with windows AMD cards are the best for 15khz output as there are custom drivers (crt emudriver) while nvidia is a mess.


I only have shitty laptop for now which overheats whenever I try to run anything no matter how undemanding but I’ll definitely build a PC and it’s going to have AMD card.

Are there new graphics cards with VGA output (through DVI connector) cause I’d like to build a PC not just exclusively for retro gaming but for gaming in general and other stuff? Looking at them I’m kinda worried. :disappointed:

Hi there,

If you can format the laptop to install linux this is worth a try.

Else yes i use a dvi to vga dongle they work.

You’ll probably need a converter for new cards, VGA has been phased out and DVI ports reduced to digital only. It’s also possible to mix GPUs these days as far as I know. You could have a modern Nvidia and an older AMD card in your machine.