GBC-Gambatte run the Pokemon_Crysta[Chi] problem

Sorry,i am english not good.

I am play Pokemon_Crysta Unofficial translation chinese(2020-12 update) use “Gambatte v0.5.0” but that the game slow op video will be crashes.

I can normal play with press start skip op.

i use official USA rom test watch the op is ok.

Because the real time is work in Sameboy and Gambatte only,but me machine performance is smoothis by Gambatte only.

i am inquire the Unofficial translation,he say may be emu problem.

(The original is Chinese ,Google translate)

“The reason I probably know is that the cpu speed of the op part is the same as the original version to ensure that the running time of the entire op is the same as the original version, and the cpu speed before the op and the title screen are both doubled. This looks like there is a problem with the simulator.”

Plases help, thank you.

Pokemon_Crysta[Chi] Source

Retroarch log

Problem video

It’s a compatibility issue on Gambette. We, as mere users, can’t fix this.