[GBC] Graphic Glitch?

Guys, tell me something, how do you know when a glitch is in-game native or innacurate emulation? I’m playing DKLand trilogy, I have never owned those at the time I was a kid, so I don’t know if this graphical glitch also happens playing in the original hardware.

The character sprites (also monsters) sometimes have issues displaying random garbage pixels where it shouldn’t be, it happens more often in moviment than stopped.

Does it also happens in original hardware? If this also happens in original hardware, there’s an emulation solution for it? (Something alike “Remove Sprite Limit” option in Nestopia?)

This doesn’t happen playing DKC for GBC, only in DKL trilogy for GB.

It’s very likely the correct behavior, but one way to check is to search youtube for the game and “original hardware”. It’s often harder to find these kinds of videos for handhelds than for regular consoles, but it’s worth a shot.

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Apparently it happens in real hardware as well, but only when playing on a GBC or GBA, not on the original Game Boy. I forgot the specifics of why this is the case, but this was pointed out by the author of a colorization hack for this game, probably in an attempt to preempt complaints. I don’t know if this’ll fix the issue, but try setting the core to play in regular Game Boy mode, not Game Boy Color. You’ll be forced to play in monochrome, but it might fix the sprites.

Also, I’ve heard the Japanese version of DKL3 fixes the problem, so that one is safe to play with color. Haven’t tested it myself, but might be worth looking into.

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I watched a lot of videos in the past, never noticed this glitch, but I re-watched some of them and I found a review about the first DKL running in the Game Cube Game Boy Player, it seems to also happen in original hardware. As you can see below, after 20 seconds.

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Woah, you are totally right, running as GB not happens this graphical glitch, seems to be a glitch related to GBC/GBA colorization (but it’s weird the fact that this happens in GCGBP as the video above features, and it’s not colorized)

So, it’s an internal game glitch, common in original hardware, the emulator is working well enough to even mimic the game defects and for now there’s no emulation solution for it, except by running as GB mode. Okay, I got it.

I’ll find this colorization hack you are talking about just to read about this. Thank you and thanks as well Hunterk for the help.

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It’s not the colorization that causes the glitch, but the fact that it’s not running on an original Game Boy. Apparently less accurate GB/GBC emulators don’t have this “issue”, so that would be an emulation-side “solution” to look into (I don’t know which emulators those would be, though - maybe VBA?).


Oh, so, this explains the reason of this occurring as well in GCGBP.

Huh… I don’t know if I want to trade accuracy for it, usually I choose accuracy all the way unless I can’t run the game at full speed, but I’ll remember it, it’s an interesting solution if this same glitch occurs even worst in any other game that I want to play so badly in GBC mode.