General thanks from former lurker

I’ve been a lurker on this forum for almost two years now and I’ve learned so much from a lot of people here.

I finally made an account and wanted to thank the devs and the users here who are patient and kind enough to spend time helping the programmatically illiterate, like myself.

From tips on preferred core settings to bug fixes to proper CRT shader set ups, I’ve been able to make the emulation PC build of my dreams over the past year because of you all.


Also, does anyone know if there’s a way to help financially support Libretro? I’ve been making donations to the devs of other standalone emulators, but I’d like to help the Retroarch team as well.


Hi buddy, I don’t see any as such support button so I guess best way is too try contacting via the contact form asking more info in this.

Regards, Xade Bekham . Vidmate .

Patreon is an option: