Genesis GX black bars on 1080p hq3x stretch fullscreen

Hi, I’m trying to play a sega genesis game with hq3x shader. I’m using a 16:9/1080 tv as a monitor. The game is rendered as a 4:3 box in full screen, with black bars on the side.

I wish to play in a fully stretched mode, 16:9 aspect ratio. I have windows 8, with the latest version of retro-arch and genesis plus gx. The game i’m playing is Landstalkers. I’m using the shader hq3x but I’m willing to setter for hq2x or hq4x.

A lot of people will argument that games are meant to be played in 4:3 ratio and that it will look “ugly”, but this is not the case, as I already confirmed using Kega, that it looks wonderful in 16:9 aspect ratio. Sadly, there is a bug with kega and windows 8.1, and the FPS are cut down to half in kega(and the recommended solutions don’t work on my computer).

So I’m trying my next recommendation: genesis plus GX. This is my first time using retroarch, so I’m kinda confused and overwhelmed, so please kindly help me out.

Just go to settings > video and change the aspect ratio to 16:9 instead of the default “core provided”.

While you’re at it, you might check out some of our other shaders that function similarly to hq3x, such as scalefx, xbr and xbrz (I recommend xbrz-freescale-multipass; it’s fast and looks nice).

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Hi thanks for your reply. It was quite puzzling finding settings, but I did it by pressing f5, and it was in one of the menu options.

16:9 for some reason did not fully stretched the image, but this same menu has the option of writing our own aspect ratio. 1.87 did the trick.

As for the shader sugestion, thank you very much. I did not know xbrz was available! This is good news, thanks!