Genesis GX Plus what feature is YM3438 enhanced?

Hello. Thanks for reading. Genesis GX Plus core in Audio Options allow select MAME YM2612 MAME ASIC YM3438 MAME ENHANCED YM3438

What feature have “Enhanced YM3438” ? What is best option with better original quality ?

Thanks for reply.

YM2612 (OPN2).

Try the MAME YM2612 version for overall performance and sound quality.

If you want ‘better’ quality, you can try the NUKED version.

YM3438 is the newer genesis. It’s a matter of taste.

Generally YM3438 has a ‘cleaner’ sound but for some it doesn’t sound like their childhood.

Thanks for replying. Nuked have issues in some games (TMNT Tournament Fighters).

YM3438 enhanced is an hack ? what does it ?

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Maybe some of your questions can be answered here:

Sega - MS/GG/MD/CD (Genesis Plus GX) - Libretro Docs (ctrl + f YM2612)

Personally I use YM2612 MAME.

Have something strange using Genesis GX Core … I remember Super Hang On in real console. Start the game and press accelerator … after of few seconds is played an bip fx.

Start Retroarch and start TMNT Tournament Fighters using Nuked Randomly break the music in begin or second loop. To do an test … Option > BGM 02. If happen that issue … close the game … select another game … close and restart TMNT Tournament Fighters … few times doing it not happen that bug.

I not understand if is an bug in core, Nuke or in Retroarch.

something else I’ve noticed is that you have to restart the game when making sound changes to the core.